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  • NRF 48311
  • CHŁODNICA EGR AUDI AUDI A4/A6 2.0TDI 2005-2008


Wysokość [mm] 339
Szerokość [mm] 54
Grubość [mm] 54
Jakość/Klasa Easy Fit

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EASY FIT: UszczelkaNRF Easy Fit references are delivered with assembly parts,such as O-rings, adapters, clamps and clips.Because the assembly parts are included in the box you areensured of an easy and quick installation.Easy Fit saves time and money, which improves your customersatisfaction!

Numery OEM


FISPA: 831134
MEAT & DORIA: 88343
ORYG: 03G131512AL
S.I.D.A.T: 831134

Samochody osobowe

AUDI: A4 (8EC, B7), A4 Avant (8ED, B7), A6 (4F2, C6), A6 Avant (4F5, C6)